easy to possession of dirt
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easy to possession of dirt

surface materials, substrates, tongue and groove and other surfaces were classified as follows: Classification according to color surface (laminate flooring board depends on the suit decorative paper printing pattern), the current common color have: a. Monochrome B. Wood C. marbling (granite grain) D. wood grain pattern in which the vast majority of the recent outstanding performance of natural and realistic wood,

manufacturers introduced with knots, wormholes, decay, discoloration printing wood and other natural defects, commonly known as the rural floor series, popular in the market. The structure of the surface of the classification (with smooth, soft surface, embossed surface,

tactile and other four) are smooth: plate surface smooth, bright, easy to possession of dirt, easier to clean, generally use high-pressure production. Soft surface: plate surface smooth, shiny and soft,

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