electrode selection round composite deck
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electrode selection round composite deck

The dishcloth that has been soaked with water has been used to wipe the glue from the gap and the traces on the floor, and help to reduce the burden on the floor. 7, in the construction process, often use the euro meter to test the surface of the surface of the copper foil resistance check whether through, and if there is no, to find out the reason, re paving (conductive). 8, the floor after 30 minutes, should check whether the floor is uneven or other bad phenomena,

if it is repaired, and at the same time in different angles to see whether the floor has color difference. 9, the edge of the floor adjacent to the cut type V, electrode selection round, surface should be dry, no holes, no wrinkles, uniform color, the welding time is generally within 24 hours before welding, gas welding with hot air, the air pressure control in 0.08-0.0MPA, temperature control in 180-250 C 10,

finished cleaning after construction the dust and dust on the floor, after 3-4 hours after cleaning first and then wet mop water drag net ground. The side plate 11, the corner of the ground, be cut out of a desired size, a piece of floor correctly on the floor next to the side, another piece of floor close to the wall accurately after the formation of the block is arranged on the front floor,

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