environment after composite decking
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environment after composite decking

not will lead to serious environmental decoration was poisoned, light person also can some symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, nausea.Therefore, environmental protection decoration is the owners for decorate a company to an indicator.So, what is not environmental protection decoration consequences? wake up in the morning every day, feel suffocated, nausea, and dizziness. the family often catch a cold. although do not smoke, also contact smoking environment rarely, but often feel throat is uncomfortable,

foreign body sensation, breath not free.4, home and children often cough, sneeze, immune system, is not willing to enter the house that new clothes builds.5, skin allergy problems are common family, and clusters., family, a total of 6 a kind of disease, and leave the environment after the symptoms have obvious change and improve.7, the couple a long time not pregnant, and did not find the reason.8, pregnant women in normal pregnancy cases found that fetal abnormalities.9, indoor plants to survive,

the leaves yellow, wither easily, especially some of the strongest vitality of plants.After 10, new move, household pet dogs and cats and even tropical fish inexplicably dead.1 is home feeling throat ache, respiratory dry, time grew to dizziness, fatigue, away from home, it's ok, and other family members also have this feeling.Small make up remind: when choosing decorate a company, be sure to choose a formal decoration companies, and don't blindly keen on gaining petty advantages,

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