fetal abnormalities
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fetal abnormalities

The leaves yellow symptoms.2. Long live in bridal chamber of the newly married couples, it's easy to have a long-term infertility.3. Pregnant women, can appear the symptoms such as fetal abnormalities.4. If you have raise tropical fish, it's easy to have a dead fish.Six, bridal chamber is how to prevent formaldehyde poisoning bridal chamber don't immediately after decorating.

In decorating a good six months after the phase is the release of toxic gases.Check-in before we recommend using the self-check box of indoor air formaldehyde detection, testing, of course, also can let the formaldehyde testing company.Formaldehyde removal is a slow process, a family to decorate the formaldehyde release cycle is usually 3 to 15 years).

A more plants can absorb formaldehyde, common plant bracketplant and aloe vera to absorb formaldehyde and mitigation effect is obvious.2. In order to let the volatilization of formaldehyde better, should let the room often ventilated.Open the window.Improve indoor ventilation equipment, installation of indoor air ventilation system.3. Soluble in water,

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