glue to the back corner composite deck
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glue to the back corner composite deck

The above content is to introduce the small house to buy wood door trick, I hope to help everyone to buy wood door. If you want to know more about wood door, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.The use of environmentally friendly wood plastic materials, surface heat transfer processing, no formaldehyde release. Rich and realistic wood grain and imitation stone cloth effect, better decorate your home. The installation method of wood plastic protection wall is detailed.

first, installation method 1, the wall is the original cement wall. 2, there are wall paint, directly glued to the wall paint. 3, put the glass glue or glue to the back corner building, about 1 cm thick, punctate.

according to the wall marked with 2mm thick double-sided adhesive paste in the back corner ends force according to the alignment marks on the wall, make full contact with the wall of double-sided adhesive, you can let go. But do not touch, to be able to rest assured that the use of glass glue solidification.

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