good indoor ventilation wpc floor
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good indoor ventilation wpc floor

if there is no glue phenomenon, indicating high bonding strength. Bamboo flooring maintenance: 1, keep indoor and ventilated dry environment to maintain good indoor ventilation, can make chemical materials in the floor to the volatile, row to outdoor, and can make the exchange of indoor and outdoor air humidity. Especially in the absence of long-term living, maintenance, indoor ventilation is more important. Common practice is: often open the windows or doors, so that the air convection, or the use of air conditioning systems and ventilation systems, thereby creating indoor clean and dry environment.

to avoid the sun exposure and rain water, some houses sunshine or rain can directly into the room from the window to the local area, which will harm the bamboo floor. The sun will accelerate the aging of the paint and glue, but also cause dry shrinkage and cracking of the floor. After the rain, bamboo absorption of water caused by swelling deformation, serious will make the floor moldy. Therefore, we should pay special attention to daily use.

to avoid damage to the floor surface decoration layer of bamboo floor is the floor paint, and a protective layer, so the floor, should avoid the hard object collision, sharp scratches, metal friction, chemical items cannot be stored in the room. In addition, the indoor furniture in handling, moving should be handled with care, furniture should be placed on the foot of the rubber skin, etc.. Public places, such as the main aisle carpet,

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