it seems the dev team
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list of MMOs. There is alot of promise in the upcoming list of MMOsBy Michael LaffertyTrionWorld’s Rift: Planes of Telara offers core MMO gaming and innovative ideasSo littleknown, so much promised and even more hoped for that perhaps sums up thethoughts surrounding the next generation of MMOs, and certainly pertains FFXIV Gil toTrion Worlds' title Rift: Planes of Telara (formerly known as Heroes of Telara).Trion Worldshosted an event in San Francisco recently and the games featured were certainlycompelling in concept. But so many MMOs have promised a lot and delivered alittle which can lead to a bit of skepticism creeping in.With Rift,which is in Alpha testing now, it seems the dev team is on the right track, andthe game is certainly visually compelling. No hands-on, but guided tours and alot of talk about the game. So here iswhat is known so far:The gamewill feature six races and eight starter classes, but players will have theflexibility to create the classes they wish because the class system is robustand diverse. There are two main factions the Guardians (chosen of the gods andsteadfast defenders) and the Defiants (more of an arcane power group that hasembraced the power of the Rifts but still don’t want them open).The Rifts,in case you missed the previous story, are the key to the game and because of atear in the protective ward, the Rifts open and let in monsters from differentplanes as invasion forces into the world of Telara. It is a dynamiccontent-driven game. And there will be a level cap of 50.The worldpromises to be fully streaming and the instances are all handcrafted. The oneinstance shown in the demo boasted four distinctive looks. There are group andprivate instances and they have been created for players of all levels, so fromthe beginning players will feel involved with the game. Everythingpeople expect from a core MMO is here, a developer stated, adding that therewere other elements that would come as a pleasant surprise and go beyond thecommon ground tread by most games. What was notdiscussed involved mounts,