metope and ground wpc flooring
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metope and ground wpc flooring

the colour of them should be tonal close with furniture, in addition to choose a color as the mass-tone attune of the room, also need to have a small details change, also should according to the space inside the bedroom to decorate, can make a space so rich and have layers, but you should pay attention to the choice of color and match according to both sides of husband and wife feng shui numerology to choose, never instead of photograph is strong, otherwise it will influence the emotion, the bed put also want to choose to kyrgyzstan to put is better, the right of the bed put will be beneficial to health, pregnant,

etc., pay attention to their items don't single, best to into pairs, such as wedding photos can hang over the head of a bed, it is symbol of good in pairs, happiness.Their choice of furniture before we choose marriage room furniture, whether or not your house to just bought a new home or live in the house of for a long time, suggest you to decorate afresh, bridal chamber needless to say, especially the old house, live for a long time, inside the aura will be very disorderly, and regardless of metope and ground, furniture also will be damaged, it affects the marriage room of feng shui,

so must be renovated the old house, since it is the marriage home, that should be replaced with new old furniture, not necessarily how expensive furniture, but as long as it is new, also symbolizes the beginning of a new life, this is the new feng shui of the more important considerations, and the furniture had better complete buy or try to pick the color, style and style is consistent,

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