not these problems seem very serious composite flo
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not these problems seem very serious composite floor

Most importantly, when the static electricity accumulates to a certain extent, it will cause the victim to suffer certain damage. After a series of problems in the static electricity floor, are not a problem, static floor to solve these problems, although not these problems seem very serious, but after the installation of the static floor is not what happened. Electrostatic flooring in the installation of a little special attention should be paid, must be ground treatment, and install resistance box, if not installed, it can not reach the anti-static ability.

On the basis of ordinary ceramic tile preparation process, antistatic powder powder is added into the body and glaze layer. Is tile with a stable resistance value. The utility model has the advantages of convenient construction and no need for laying copper strips. It is very popular in the market at present, but there are few manufacturers in china. Static floor specifications are not what special place,

static floor specifications and ordinary floor about 600 * 600 * 10mm and 800 * 800 * 12mm large size models, in fact little difference, but the quality of the first and second better than many, because its thickness is relatively thick, so it the use of a longer time. In addition to the body's specifications, the resistance of the system static floor in the six of 10 to nine ohms 10, electrostatic voltage is below 50 volts, in heavy capacity can reach more than 1600 kilograms per square,

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