open His idea is that the best bottom in private c
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open His idea is that the best bottom in private conversations with heart-Courtois, Mourinho has decided to be on May 24 after the Champions League final, he told Courtois met, then Muli Ni Olympic explicitly told to Courtois: I hope you return to Chelsea next season. Mourinho is doing is well intentioned, he did not want to let the positive impact over Atletico Madrid in La Liga and the Champions League Courtois distraction due to transfer issues, Mourinho opinion, if you want Courtois hardened acceptance for their effectiveness, to show charisma is extremely important when you have not worked, does not exclude the fact Courtois back to Chelsea, I just hope the fifa 16 coinsplayers to the main location of the promise, but as long as Courtois Back Chelsea, this sort of thing is relatively easy to handle, Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid on the handling of similar situations, Diego - Lopez beat the league, beat Casillas Cup. To tell the truth, standing Mourinho's position, how could he agree Courtois switch to Real Madrid or Barcelona, he told La Liga clubs deep grudges. In fact, to say that now the most difficult thing for Mourinho, it had to be a relationship between with the FA this season, he has three times received the ticket from the FA, where, for the first time after FIFA game against Cardiff City, The second time was after FIFA game against Sunderland, the third after FIFA game against Sunderland, which is three times he refused to accept the punishment, even until now have not paid a fine of £ 8000, and filed an appeal application, Mourinho so dry Let the FA more annoyed, the league committee recently issued a statement saying, fines Mourinho will be appended to 10,000 pounds, he remarks of ridicule when the referee after Chelsea lost to Sunderland's remarks is definitely a behavior improper, the league committee has rejected the appeal of Jose Mourinho, madman must accept the punishment before the end of the season, or peril. Whether Mourinho how to wrangle with the FA, presumably some Chelsea FIFA