players will not be concerned about,
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players will not be concerned about, specifically, of those who are about to leave, such as Ashley - Cole, the last round of the league ended, Azerbaijan Ashley - Cole tears sprinkle the Blue Bridge farewell to Chelsea supporters, he did not renew expiring contracts successfully, one-year deal with Chelsea just, the FIFA player himself refused to accept, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United are still Designate Ashley - Cole, but according to 'mirror' the latest news, Manchester City are ready to Ashley - Cole blows an olive branch, although Manchester City have Kolarov and the two left-back Clichy, Chelsea 17 wins 10 draws and 15 losses slightly dominant, scoring 64 FIFA goals to lose 54 balls. The last time the two cheap fifa coins 16 ultimate teams met was in the league this season Premiership 8, 4-1 victory over Chelsea, Azar, Eto'o, Oscar accomplishment. Cardiff City As has been downgraded in the previous advance, FIFA game will be their Premiership farewell fight. Torres lost the empty balloon trouble opening two minutes, Oscar was the other guard down in the penalty area, the referee without making any signaled FIFA game continues. The first three minutes, the Blues Qianchangduanqiu back, Torres ball wading the FIFA goalkeeper, since the upper space is filled with a variety of blue balloons, Torres disturbed slightly hesitated to push Kongmen, the ball was back on defense Hancock denied entrance. The first five minutes, Oscar received a long pass on the right shift, rub Oscar restricted area before the shot, the ball just over the bar. tower gifts home FIFA 16 ultimate team scored the first 15 minutes, Cardiff City at home to break the deadlock, the Welsh veteran Bellamy left the restricted area volley, the ball hit the back of the column becomes  line flying into the door far corner, 1-0, Chelsea away backward. The first 19 minutes, Cardiff City front left free kick to the front, inside the penalty area Gunnar Nielsen header, the ball over the bar. The first 27 minutes, Mikel