proportion into the washing machine composite floo
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proportion into the washing machine composite floor

a wear-resistant transparent protective film after waxing, isolated from the air, reduce oxidation, reduce the damage to the floor. Waxing protects against detergents, scratches, rubs, heels, and friction. To extend the service life and beautiful appearance of the role of clean and bright. PVC floor waxing tools: PVC floor wax water, wax mop, advanced press water wheel, electrostatic dust remover,

neutral universal detergent, strong wax water, floor mat, polishing pad, multi-function washing machine, dust suction machine. Home improvement, wax is usually professional companies to do. If you have the strength of the tooling, you can do it yourself. If you are busy, please do it professionally. Fast and efficient, saving time. Waxing method: neutral, universal detergent to 1:30 proportion into the washing machine, scrub the floor (to the oil, decontamination) clean.

The sewage can be sucked up by a suction machine and dried by the floor. Floor wax water, pour into the water mill, wax mop with wax water, squeezing out excess wax water. Mop the surface of the board. When you mop the wax, take care to drag it in one direction (either left or right direction, or both directions). Apply the wax evenly to the ground, and don't leak it. Finish the first layer of wax. After 30-50 minutes, the wax is dry and then you can mop it up. Second layers of wax steps: PVC floor waxing, the first time after wax, without polishing, hit 2-3 times can be polished,

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