proposed fixed home life natural wood composite de
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proposed fixed home life natural wood composite deck

the floor received compression caused.     moistureproof maintenance how to avoid: (1) the floor must be done before the moistureproof treatment, to ensure that the room often ventilation ventilation. The floor to avoid long time contact with water, with a soft cloth or mop to clean the floor, without alkaline cleaning agent, use some high-quality oil or wax protection,

use the proposed fixed home life natural wood floor maintenance oil essence. Leave enough expansion joint. To avoid the floor in sunlight and high temperature bake moisture solution: the improper maintenance does not affect the use function, can be a long time, the water content of wood floor rate of phase equilibrium and the relative humidity in the air, depending on the circumstances,

to take down the resurfacing program; or all open resurfacing, adjust the joint and adjacent segment reservation plate expansion joints. Second, a small amount of paint cracking, repair paint repair. If the cracking area is large, it can be repainted and repainted. Such as single pieces of wood floor paint crack long, single block replacement of wooden floor.

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