some of you will be disappointed rs gold
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how well will this work out during the dry months of July and August? And will the Wii RS 3 Gold U be able to maintain sales momentum with other lesserpromoted titles such as Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2?Sims 4 Toddler And Pools Petition Hits 11,000 Signatures. Some Sims fans aren't too pleased that EA won't include pools or toddlers in The Sims 4. They've started a petition demanding that these features be added to the base game."Toddlers have been a vital aspect to The Sims series because it is a lifestate that is crucial to the flow of the Runescape game," states the petition. "Without it, newborns will age straight up into children which will impair the possibility for story telling  a huge thing for the Simming community. We also want pools. Pools have been in every single basegame and to not have them would be ridiculous at this point."EA announced in a blog post last week that The Sims 4 would be missing toddlers and pools."While we recognize that some of you will be disappointed that pools and toddlers wont be available when The Sims 4 Base Game launches in September, you should know that were building an incredibly strong foundation that is capable of fulfilling every one of your desires in the years to come. The future of The Sims 4 is bright!"This obviously didn't soothe any hurt feelings. Many Runescape players interpreted this statement to mean that EA is going to release the missing features as paid DLC in the future. That suspicion is probably accurate. Premium DLC has always been a big part of The Sims series. Sims 3 had 11 expansion packs and 9 "stuff packs," loaded with new objects like clothing and furniture. The online Sims Store also sells individual items for cash.I don't think anyone's disputing EA's right to release new content for the Runescape game and then charge for it. If the content takes rs gold time and manpower to make, it's fair for them to expect some kind of compensation. This Sims 4 dispute comes down to what kind of content they're potentially charging money for. The perception among fans is that EA is purposefully