standard according wpc flooring
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standard according wpc flooring

especially the embedded in the bathroom the power cord, hose, etc., prior detection, location and need to use specialized equipment to install.Besides pipeline requirements connected closely, consider the thermal insulation of hot water, the length of the line and line path, neat appearance, the pipe of grounding, etc.This ensures accurate installation procedures, can also according to customer's specific environmental design different installation plan, ensure the water heater can be normal use.

demand for electricity standard according to the national standard, household electrical equipment power should be used in single-phase three-wire 50 hz, 220 v alternating current.The power of the three line -- the line of fire, zero line and ground wire correct and consistent with the logo, grounding is good, the sound insulation protection,

wire and wire diameter thickness satisfies the requirement of load capacity.National power quality of power supply voltage deviation - allowed 10% to 7%, according to the standard 220 v voltage is 198 v ~ 235 v between.For electric water heater products, the deviation of the corresponding expanded to 15% to 15%, or 187 v ~ 242 v.In electricity load relatively concentrated area, should be appropriate to do.

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