that doesnt take away
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that doesnt take away the disappointment that gamers felt. We rs gold  recognise that our little superhero caper cant do that either, but we hope the comical adventures of The Purple Patriot will bring a smile to their faces while theyre waiting. After all, The Purple Patriot is possibly the only superhero in history to take himself more seriously than the bat. Whispering Willows Review The Midnight Society Would Be Proud. Whispering Willows is packed with the makings of a campfire ghost stories. Theres a haunted mansion, a kidnapped father, a worried daughter, secrets around every corner and spirits aplenty. A Kickstarter success and previously launched through Steam and Ouya, folks in the mood for a light, creepy adventure can now head into Willows Mansion on the PlayStation  and PlayStation Vita.Not every game needs to be a dozen hours long and boast the most complex gameplay. Runescape games like Journey, Brothers A Tale of Two Sons and Toren come to mind; perfectly lovely experiences that can be completed in a single sitting. This is exactly the kind of game Night Light Interactives Whispering Willows turns out to be, ideal for a long evening at home with the lights turned off and the volume turned up.As stated above, Whispering Willows is a literal ghost story, drenched in an uneasy atmosphere thats punctuated by a delightfully eerie soundtrack and held taut for about four hours of exploration. Growing up on Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark, its a game that resides pretty firmly in my wheelhouse.You take on the role of Elena Elkhorn, daughter of the groundskeeper of the spooky Willows Mansion. Elenas father doesnt Old School RS Gold come home from work one evening so, naturally, his daughter decides to go looking for him. Sneaking onto the mansion grounds, Elena soon finds herself lost and alone.Well, shes not totally alone, actually, as the mansion is home to quite a few restless spirits. Early on, Elena discovers that the family heirloom she wears around her neck grants the ability to enter the spirit world. As a ghostly