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WildStar Early Access Begins Today. Carbine Studios' has begun the early access period for their scifi MMORPG WildStar. Select Runescape players can jump into the Runescape game before the official launch next week.The early access is available to anyone who preorders the Runescape game. This allows them to reserve their character names and  more importantly  get a headstart on leveling. This progress will be maintained when the Runescape game officially goes live for the public on June 3rd.Carbine is celebrating WildStar's early access by inviting special guests to their Twitch channel. Runescape players will choose to join either the Exiles or Dominion, the two factions vying for control of the planet. They can also RS Gold  pick from eight races and six classes. A character can have one of four Paths, each with its own unique quests and rewards. For example, a Settler characters will gather materials throughout the world and use them to build structures that can provide stat bonuses.the Runescape game comes with many of the MMORPG staples, including dungeons, PvP battlegrounds and arenas. When Runescape players hit level 50, they can team up for 20 or 40person raids. They can also participate in Warplots, 40v40 battles in which each side must defend a customizable fortress.Carbine held several beta weekends for WildStar throughout the year. Characters created during the Runescape game's beta phase have been wiped. However, Runescape players who participated in the test get access to the Highwayman Costume. They'll also receive three BoomBoxes, chests of randomized loot, for each day they played the recent open beta.WildStar buyers can choose between two packages: the $59.99 standard edition and the $74.99 digital deluxe edition. Both come with several preorder bonuses, like the Rocket House and Chosen of the Progenitors ingame title. Each edition also has 30 days of gametime and 3 guest passes. The digital deluxe package gives you a hoverboard, Eldan Augmentation Costume, Sentinel of Nexus title, and gold/green clothing dye.