think hair loss is kidney deficiency
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think hair loss is kidney deficiency Error 3: worry about drug effects Some patients with drug in the treatment of hair loss glueless human hair wigs will influence function. Experts pointed out that the long-term use of the second type 5A reductase inhibitors also no serious adverse reactions in patients, in the survey of more than 1000 patients, only very few people appear to reduce libido, but are temporary and with continued treatment and recovery, more will not affect fertility. Wrong 4: think hair loss is kidney deficiency Many male hair loss patients think that hair loss is the deficiency of the kidney, they usually find hair loss serious desperately to spend money to buy some medicine for tonifying kidney. Kidney deficiency caused by alopecia is a TCM syndrome differentiation, but wigshumanhair alopecia is deficiency of the kidney, blindly eat supplements didn't help, must be to prescribe the right medicine according to the doctor's diagnosis resolution to determine the cause.