was a retail month with a leap
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I wrote on Monday that the NPD Group's retail sales estimates for the U.S. video Cheap RS Gold  Runescape game market would reveal the kind of enthusiasm that consumers had for Nintendo's hardware in the post holiday period. I surely didn't foresee figures in the 50,000 59,000 range, but that's what our internal estimates showed. CNet's sources put that number at 57,000, so we'll just go with that.Those aren't just terrible figures for the Wii U; they're terrible for any system in recent memory.Because January 2013 was a retail month with a leap week, the figures reported by the NPD Group covered a five week period. That means that the Wii U sold on average 11,400 systems per week in its third month on the market.I took the time to go back through the historical data and see just how close other consoles have come to that level of sales. It's a slightly tricky question because once a successor console comes out, the previous model usually sees its sales drop dramatically. So in the figure below, there are two types of consoles: those that don't yet have successors on the market PS3 and Xbox 360, to be crystal clear and everyone else.Just take a good look at the graphic, and I'll discuss the results below.At a level of 11,400 systems per week, the Wii U has only other Nintendo consoles for company. However, there is an essential difference between the 8,000 systems per week that the Runescape gameCube fell to and the 11,400 level of the Wii U: the Runescape gameCube didn't fall that low until it got replaced by the Wii. Likewise, the weakest month for the Wii wasn't until the month before its successor, the Wii U came out.For both of those prior Nintendo consoles, the weakest month of the system's lifetime was in that 60th month, just before it was superseded. In the case of the Wii U, it is hitting sales of 11,400 in only its 3rd month, a level that in this Cheap RS Gold context seems dangerously low.The other consoles have their own stories. The original Xbox reached its minimum during its short lifetime after only six months, right as Microsoft