whether furnace processing wpc floor
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whether furnace processing wpc floor

do not make electricity meter in the overload operation when using electric frying pans.Method is to choose the power divided by 220 v electric, electric frying pans, get the current value of amperes should be less than the nominal amperage meter;Or the mains 220 v multiplied by the current meter of nominal amperage, get the power number should be greater than the nominal power of the purchased electric frying pans.So,

buy back electric frying pans when using the power of the electric frying pans will not lead to electricity meter overload.In addition, when the choose and buy electric frying pans, in addition to pay attention to the variety, style, should observe whether furnace processing is good, especially the electric furnace type, even electric frying pans.Their power cord should be three core wires, power plug should be three feet,

can electrify when test (test pencil) are available, and electricity, the furnace outside and pot should not be charged.That special attention should be paid to, otherwise will not be safe when used.So split type electric frying pans, the pot should be carefully observed whether perfect agreement with the furnace body contact, and switch on and check the furnace knobs are in good condition.The above there is no problem, you can try again electric frying pans of heating and temperature control are in good condition.

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