with high strength
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Epoxy coatings and polyurethane coatings with high strength, high wear resistance and other mechanical properties, to meet the mechanical properties of the floor requirements. In order to ensure that the content of NCO components over the premise of two-component polyurethane coating with the proportion of paint can be relatively wide, the construction is very convenient.balcony planter box covers singapore

At the same time if the use of the appropriate polyurethane prepolymer as a curing agent, you can single-component moisture curing, used alone, it is suitable for the production of convenient floor coatings. The choice of high molecular weight epoxy resin prepared by the main paint, self-made polyether prepolymer as curing agent, the production of convenient floor coating combines the characteristics of high strength and alkali resistance of epoxy resin, better meet the Floor coating requirements.decorative resin panels mexico

To meet the customers in the purchase of floor coatings, the organization of their own construction, floor finishing their own new requirements of the use of simple materials, paint the bottom of the floor paint, the role of different, very functional.artifical deck for roof terrace

Primer requires a strong permeability, to ensure adequate adhesion with concrete and other base surface; in the coating requirements of good mobility and toughness, to provide good construction and crack resistance and other properties; topcoat is focused on wear and Other functions. At present, commonly used floor coatings, mainly in two-component cross-linked curing of the main varieties of paint, such as the market popular epoxy floor coatings and polyurethane floor coatings are two-component coating.how to build outdoor corner storage bench