wpc deck decoration should be accounted
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wpc deck decoration should be accounted

many people preferred decorative materials, the following Xiaobian to introduce house purchase skills and packaging mosaic detection method. Mosaic purchase skills 1, there are stripes and other decorative glass mosaic, the distribution of the area of its decoration should be accounted for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution of uniform. 2, a single piece of glass mosaic back due to serrated or stepped grooves. 3, in addition to the use of adhesive bonding strength, but also easy to wipe off the glass mosaic.

The adhesive agent used can not damage the back paper or make the glass mosaic color change. 4, the paper should be used in a reasonable handling and normal construction process does not tear. 5, under the natural light, the phenomenon of missing from the angle of 0.5 meters with no visual mosaic defects and cracks, missing edges. 6, randomly selected nine glass mosaic to form a square, flat in a good light,

at a distance of 1.5 meters by its luster is uniform. Mosaic packaging detection method 1, each joint glass mosaic should be printed with the name of the trademark and manufacturing plant. 2, packing box surface should be printed on the product name, factory name, registered trademarks, production date, color number, specifications, quantity and weight (gross weight, net weight), and should be logo proof, fragile, stacking direction. 3, glass mosaic with carton packaging, the box should be lined with waterproof paper, products should be placed in close order.

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