you extra loadout slots
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If youre going to ask consumers to buy a Premium membership thats rs gold nearly the price of the Runescape game itself, you ought to tell them what theyre actually going to be getting upon purchase.The only perks available to Premium members at the moment are a couple Battlepacks and server queue priority. The Battlepacks give you extra loadout slots and patches for your character, none of which you really need. Queue priority is somewhat handy when youre playing Hardline at peak hours but its not  handy. Odds are, if youre playing at a peak time, there are plenty of other servers to choose from anyway.On top of everything else, Battlefield Hardlines launch bugs are still being ironed out. Sasser said elsewhere on the Runescape games forum that theyre hoping to fix Team Deathmatch spawns, tickets for Conquest, and RPG spam in Hotwire. A slew of other issues will be addressed soon, too. Why throw an extra  to EA when the base games not quite what youre looking for yet?Its entirely possible that Battlefield Hardline Premium will be worth the money someday. For now, though, youre spending  on nothing but promises from EA. If youre not happy with what they ultimately deliver, you cant get your money back either. PSN and Xbox Live dont offer refunds on DLC, and Origins Great Game Guarantee policy doesnt apply to DLC.Xbox Lives Runescape games With Gold For April Announced. Xbox Gold members have a lot to look forward to in April, including double the content usually made available in the Runescape games with Gold department. Starting next month, you can expect a pair of Xbox One titles to get you through April, as well as four new Runescape games for your Xbox  collection.First word for the April Runescape games with Gold lineup went out through Xbox Wire this morning, touting a pretty impressive Old School RS Gold  lineup of titles including everything from a few indie gems to a handful of AAA Runescape games sure to delight any action fan.Above all, we want to celebrate our fantastic Xbox Live community this April, and thats why were so pleased