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Updated - 5/18/16 - Games for Sale

Updated - 5/18/16 - Games for Sale

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We are a local gaming group that plays board and card games in Broomfield, Colorado (Northwest Side of Greater Denver). The group started meeting in March of 2001. We play mainly Euro-Style Strategy Games. We also, on occasion, will play party games, and dexterity games.

We meet monthly, usually on Saturday, for a "long" game day usually 8 or so hours.

In addition, we are currently meeting on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Wednesday evenings of each month. These nights are call "mid-week" gaming nights from 7-11pm.

For more info:

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Current Location:Broomfield, Colorado, United States
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Posted 71 days ago by BuckeyeFan
Hello Broomfield Gamers, It is with sadness, that I have decided to shut down the Broomfield Gamers Group.  I have been running the group for 16 years (starting the group in March 2001).  I have hoste...
Posted 150 days ago by BuckeyeFan
Hello Broomfield Gamers, A very nice evening of gaming with 9 gamers that included 6 residents (Vicki, Darlene, Dorothy, Jo Jean, Betty, and Pat) and 3 guests (Dave and Pamela J., and Lisa W.) Games P...
Posted 150 days ago by BuckeyeFan
Hello Broomfield Gamers, I need to cancel the game night on Wednesday, February 1st as I have an important meeting at church that evening. Also, I need to cancel the game night on Wednesday, March 1st...
Posted 157 days ago by BuckeyeFan
Hello Broomfield Gamers, A nice turnout with 10 gamers that included: Phoenix K., Brent R., Mike H., Jon R., Dave Ry., Bruce P., Mitzi M., Bill K., Donna G., and myself. Games Played: 1) Tichu (4 Play...
Posted 163 days ago by BuckeyeFan
Hello Broomfield Gamers, As always, a nice night of gaming and fellowship.  We had 8 gamers (5 Guests: Dave and Pamela J., Eric and Livia T., and Lisa W.;  along with 3 Residents: Dorothy, , Dar...
Posted 171 days ago by BuckeyeFan
Hello Broomfield Gamers, Happy New Year! I was surprised that even with all the snow, we had 7 gamers in attendance that included: Leon M., Brian W., Simon M., Mitzi M., Bruce P., Jon R., and myself. ...
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  •  coyote303: 
    I was not aware of legacy games. If you aren't either (or just want to read more about them), check out this article: gaming/2016/08/rob_daviau_s_legacy_ board_game_seafall.html?utm_content =inf_10_2641_2&wpsrc=socialedge&tse _id=INF_e7395a0071df11e6a1df1f85dcc ce918
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  •  coyote303: 
    Anybody else see this on MSN, the top 15 games of 2014? I haven't played any of them. treatyourself/the-15-best-new-board -games-of-the-year/ss-BBgVaS6#image =1
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  •  pmanoff: 
    Over the years I had a lot of people comment on my table-top board gaming mats. Unfortunately the place I purchased my mats from don't carry them anymore. I ran across a Kickstarter opportunity from Quiver Gaming Mat. The KS expires on August 18th. They have some really nice mats that have a "stickier" surface which would work well with cards and game boards over my slick surface. The mats come in three sizes ranging from 36"x36" to 40"x58". The offer several colors as well as some cool patterns. I purchased the large mat in black for myself. If you enjoy playing on a better surface than a wood or glass table, this may be your solution.
     1051 days ago 
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  •  justinschaffer: 
    Hey Guys - Just in case you missed it (or don't know that I own a game company), my Kickstarter campaign recently went live. I'd appreciate it if you would check it out and share it with anyone you think might be interested. Thanks for your support! s/justinschaffer/ophir
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