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We are a group of folks who enjoy a love of history and the games about said history. Friendly, welcoming, and most of all, fun. From ancient times to future confrontations and from block war games to some of the monster OCS hex 'n counter games, we welcome all war games and war gamers.

We meet once a month and located in NE Denver (@ 104th & Tower). Hope you join us in writing history!

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Current Location:Commerce City, Colorado, United States
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Posted 816 days ago by kleric42
Gamers Present:Brian O. Dan K. Presented Dan with a choice of games for his 2nd wargame day. He went with Combat Commander:Europe. I taught the game (took longer than expected! I was rusty on teachin...
Posted 1373 days ago by eapeas
4 Gamers present: Myself, Dan, Brain, Chris We weren't sure Chris was going to make it, so we started out with a 3-player game of Pax Porfiana, but during the 2nd turn, Chris showed up. We scrapped Pa...
Posted 1431 days ago by eapeas
For Volume 2, 4 gamers were in attendance: Tony F., Tony, Dave, & myself: Andean Abyss was the game again today. This being the 2nd game of this in as many weeks, it went considerably smoother, h...
Posted 1439 days ago by eapeas
For our inaugural meeting, 4 gamers were in attendance: Tony F., Tony, Dave, & myself: Andean Abyss was the game today. After running through the tutorial game scripted in the playbook, we picked...
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  •  GhoulHunter: 
    History Unwritten gang, this Sunday, the 26th, I'm hosting a game day at my house. Scott Skippen is the catalyst, he can get out and game! Yay!

    So we're unsure right now about what to play. We'd like to do some wargaming, but are open to anything from Euros to 18XX as well. We have not settled on anything to play. Ideas? We're going to start at 10 and be done around 4. I'll set up a meeting on the Heavy Cardboard site.

    I could set up U.S. Civil War and we could run several turns.
    I could set up Unconditional Surrender and we could run several turns.
    I could set up Europe Engulfed (block game) and we could run several turns.
    Scott has several 2-player Civil War block games. I have a Napoleonic block game.
    XXers in that time frame (that I own, you many own others): 1860, 1812, 1865, 1889 (close: 18Ardennes, 18EU, 1849, 18Mex).
    Scott has 18NEB, which he says is interesting.
    Obviously, we could play many Euro games in that time. From Arkwright to Yokohama (are there any games that start with a "Z"?)
    Lots of great Winsome games could be tackled in that time frame too.
     367 days ago 
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  •  skippen: 
    Thanks again for hosting Edward. It was really nice to get together again for some wargames. Thanks to Chris for teaching The Burning Blue. I really enjoyed it.
     976 days ago 
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  •  eapeas: 
    We have one spot open for Die Macher tomorrow, Tuesday. 530pm-930pm.

    Hit me up STAT if interested!
     1109 days ago 
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  •  eapeas: 
    A couple of us are ordering some games from GMT as they're having a 50% off everything in stock SALE! If you'd like to get in on this (and save considerably on shipping), email, text or message me by Thursday afternoon (May 8th).
     1144 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  cstimpson: 
    Oops - think we got our calendars mixed up yesterday. The Sundays in Jan are the 19th and the 26th, not the 15th and 22nd!

    I could do either, but I think the spirit of the decision was to make it the later date, which would be the 26th.
     1270 days ago 
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