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+ An Escondido based board gaming group held weekly on Tuesdays held at the homes and rotating among whoever wishes to host.

+ Games played @ last event: Mall of horror | Dominant species | Eminent domain | Container | Love letter | Roll through the ages | Blokus | Goblins at the gates | Alien labyrinth | Shadows over Westminster

+ Some light beverages and snacks (chips, soda and a few beers) will be provided but feel free to bring grub or drinks for yourself or to share.

+ Open to anyone, but its more of a strategy game vibe (not much Monopoly or Apples to Apples).


Note: locations are approximate only. Many groups have private venues and therefore place their marker near a major intersection or center the map on a region; other groups meet in various locations and place their marker near the center of all their meeting locations.

Current Location:Escondido, California, United States
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